Sunday, January 08, 2012

football sunday knitting

When I know I'm going somewhere to watch football on Sunday, especially if it's the Playoffs, I try to bring along some knitting. And reading. And the nifty smart phone so I can play Angry Birds or text other friends in a similar football-watching situation. Mainly I bring the knitting. I was going to start this pattern during the back-to-back games, but was met with some gauge issues and no other needles to test out. With some mild disgust, I packed away the knitting gear and settled in for word games or Angry Birds.

At the half of the first game, I was gifted three balls of Lion Brand Homespun along with Pimm's (no ginger ale though). So. Squeee! Now I can knit! Homespun is good for simple, straight knitting. No fancy patterns, no nonsense. All of which makes it easy to watch football, keeping the hands busy in a meditative state and from chowing down all the chips and dip. I started the simplest of scarves just casting on and knitting, no purling. The result will be something soft and cozy and manifested mindfulness of the knit stitch. Can't even tell you how many stitches I cast on. Don't remember. It was all action.

Makes a day of football time well spent. How 'bout them Giants? As they say in gaming vernacular: Who, indeed, is your Daddy?

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Ruth said...

OMG. I loathed working with Homespun, especially when I had to rip a section.

Then again, in all honesty it does indeed knit up soft and fluffy. :-)