Monday, January 30, 2012

day 30 of the new year . . .

and I still can't seem to get into the studio. Let's take a look back on the day, shall we?

4:00 am ~ Hear roosters crowing at ungodly hour. Futile attempts to get back to sleep.

5:30 am ~ Sleep eluded. Arise to rouse first youth for shower. Sit in meditation for 10 minutes.

6:00 am ~ Rouse second and then third youths for morning ablutions. Make tea in a travel mug. Draw Tarot card for the day. (Whoopee, it's the Guardian of Earth, aka Queen of Pentacles, which can't be bad.) Check e-mail.

6:45 am ~ Start the van for a decent warm-up. Continue rousing youths into movement. 'Zombie-like' barely describes their progress at this time.

7:00 am ~ Out the door. Much jostling for the shotgun seat. I usually win anyway. Race down to meet the bus.

7:15 am ~ Bus finally arrives. Two youths off to school. Ride with licensed third youth to local community college approximately a little more than a half hour away.

7:50 am ~ Arrive at local community college. Drop off youth. Return home because things need doing at home and the licensed youth doesn't have his own vehicle yet. Enjoy 45 minutes of solitude and listening to podcasts.

8:45 am ~ Home long enough to take care of what wasn't taken care of earlier. Paperwork. Breaking up rooster skirmishes. Herding cats. Full conversations with the dogs.

10:30 am ~ On the road again to retrieve college youth from campus. Dirk came for the ride. Football and Republican radio listening alternately depending on AM reception along the way. By the time we reach campus, head is swimming with pigskin stories and political rhetoric.

Noon ~ Youth dropped home. Ride out to father-in-law's to help with laundry and shopping. Spend time over cup of coffee (which I really didn't need as I'm sufficiently on edge without the caffiene) and conversed until . . .

2:15 pm ~ running back to the bus stop to meet our two youths, joined by someone else's youth, for the ride back up the hill. More e-mailing and paperwork, phone calls with a dash of faxing.

3:30 pm ~ Leave again to actually test drive a car I think I might be interested in. Didn't test drive it last Thursday because I wasn't keen on dealing with the weather and the heavy traffic.

4:30 pm ~ Arrive at the sales lot to find a fine empty spot where the car of interest was parked when I left it last Thursday. Inquire within to find out it sold over the weekend which surprised Dirk as it had been sitting there over a month ago. Oh well.

4:45 pm ~ Leave lot with the idea of looking at other cars in the area. Fruitless endeavor. Good deals aren't lying about all over the place.

5:30 pm ~ Stop at Sonic for fattening comfort food.

6:00 pm ~ Arrive home to see raccoon leaving the chicken coop. Chickens unscathed (except for the roosters who fought earlier today ~ they both look like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky I through V and Robert DeNiro in Raging Bull). Eggs effectively absconded with. Rocks hurled in general direction of fleeing varmint with curses for good measure.

6:30 pm ~ Handle on-going argument between male youths about wireless issues, game/internet kicking and IP addresses. Request a cease and desist on the Blame Game and just figure out the problem. Without ME, thank you.

7:00 pm ~ Wash large pile of dishes. Feed the dogs. Write blog.

8:00 pm ~ Figure out how I can keep myself awake another hour or two to maintain some kind of decent sleep cycle and how I might make time in the studio tomorrow. Pull desperately at optimistic straws like Scarlet O'Hara while my Inner Artist responds in Rhett Butler fashion. Read Terry Pratchett and forget the day ever happened as I lose myself in Discworld.

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Ruth said...

I think I need to go back to bed after reading that.

There's something horrible and ominous about hearing the ticking clock inside the head. It says, "Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!"