Monday, January 02, 2012

candle light and frankincense

Tim's Buddha and a single flame.
The day after holiday is bittersweet. We all had great fun, exchanged great gifts and enjoyed the company of family and friends. It's sad to see the time has flown and we're in a new year ~ the one where the Mayans ran out of rock, to boot ~ but the solitude and busy-ness of getting a household back in order was the priority of the day. The Advent Garden items have been dusted off and put away for next Yule. Bit by bit, xmas decorations are making their ways back into various boxes. The last thing to tackle will be the tree and all by Twelfth Night. As Jim Morrison crooned long ago, When Christmas is over, turn out the light.

The spare altar held one flame and frankincense smoking on a hot charcoal. The scent cleared the air and my head. Blankets and sheets were cleaned and put away. Extra towels were cleaned and folded. The dining table was reduced to a size comfortable for our family of five to sit around at meals. All followed by time on the mat practicing Yin Yoga for about a half hour or so. Such a delicious sensation for my body, stretching and sitting!

I was able to sink into time-suck and read other blogs. One blog had a wish for me to  make mistakes. Another site went over the customs of Twelfth Night.

This evening calls for finding a simple knit project and time in front of the TV. Tomorrow is a return to the hustle and bustle of the everyday.

The altar cleared of the Advent Garden.

Two SoulCollage® cards created New Year's Eve.

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