Tuesday, January 31, 2012

an artist's waking hours

Ah, what words of wit and wisdom will pour out tonight?
 In Multiplicity, Michael Keaton stars as Doug Kinney, a man short on time and with too much to do, who clones himself in order to have more time to himself. It didn't work very well as each clone seems to possess only a fraction of what Doug is and so still isn't really present. For a variety of reasons, it's been impossible to have time in the studio, which equals lack of time to myself. Cloning looks mighty attractive, but then I know I would just be a fractured person. Unable to be present in any one moment and unable to respond as needed in any given situation. In short, better to be whole even if the situation sucks.

I've been in the car all day, but I made my way to the easel. There is a journal page waiting and knitting to do for about as long as I can keep my eyes open.

Not exactly a complete loss.
A simple sweater in the making.

Sometimes, there's something to be said for just
plain ol' garter stitch.

Painting progress.

A little closer, my dear.

Perhaps not so close.


Ruth said...

Static in the head is screaming to get out.

You must have a lot of pent-up creativity (or rage) in there.

(hee hee - my word verification, below, is "uppiti")

Ashling said...

Sweater already looks comfy. Hear you on the time pulls...work may pay the bills (or some of 'em) but it sure interferes with the life I want to be living! Would love to have an alter-self who could at least be going to work every day.