Thursday, January 12, 2012

a 2012 theme reading

Anne Marie Bennett of Kaleidosoul asked folks in the group about their theme for 2012. She shared her theme through a tag line, a song and a quote adding that she would be doing a SoulCollage® reading at an appropriate time to see what Neters would accompany her on this thematic journey. We were invited to share our themes and any readings we might do.

So. Having time in the studio, I laid out a Elemental/Medicine Wheel reading based on my theme of Getting My Self Out There and here is some of what came through:

Air, Dragon/2nd Chakra ~ It is time to think about creating! Make a plan, make time. Fire up your visions and send them out there. Let creation be your passion. (Also, it might interesting to note this is the Year of the Dragon, by golly!)

Fire, Bill  ~ The Family Fire is the hearth. I am the One Who is your brother. I am the One Who is tech savvy. Use your abilities to keep your will aligned. Move carefully and steadily. A fire moving too fast becomes a conflagration, burning down the house.

Water, Lost Treasures ~ Remember how you used to just draw? No plans, no agendas ~ just the desire to draw, sketch, paint, moodle. These are your lost treasures, the desire submerged in would-a, could-a, should-a. Dive deep past the jellyfish and reclaim your precious treasures.

Earth, Georgia O'Keeffe ~ I went out to the desert and the mesas everyday. In an old black car, in searing heat. Nothing would keep me from my passion, this need to paint. The sky, the bones, the flowers ~ color and shape. All for the eye to behold. I simply did what I was called to do, what I was meant to do.

Spirit, Eleni (my mother) ~ At the Center of all you do, lies your Matrilineal Heritage. You are the Mother of all you create. You are the one who knows how to nurture; letting things come into being an then knowing when to let go.

My theme song is The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie by none other than Red Hot Chili Peppers. Quotes elude me.

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