Wednesday, December 07, 2011

a wee bit o' creativity, aye!

Heaven Shiner
On this morning's drive, I felt a real need to spend some time in the studio. Get some of the onerous chores screaming for attention done and let the rest go ~ just get into the studio. Stat!

An easy path to the studio is sometimes doing a little SoulCollage® even if that means flipping through magazines or searching on the internet for images. (Although that means I'm not in the studio for the latter. The goal is to be in the right physical zone. The computer searches are an easy cop out and should be avoided at all costs.) During the aforementioned ride, I thought it might be nice to round out my Feri Gods and Elements images to include in my deck. What a perfect idea that turned out to be as I've had an image sitting in the pile since summer for Heaven Shiner. (These Guardians and Gods can be found in T. Thorn Coyle's Evolutionary Witchcraft.) So the first done was for this image. Simple. Mod Podge the background (which is, if I remember rightly, a photo of a simulated formation of a blackhole taken from a Smithsonian mag) and then added a big fat diamond. Bam! Heaven Shiner!

Some "I Am the One Who . . ." statements from Heaven Shiner:

I am the One Who shines down on you and invites you to Rise! Be bigger than you think you can be. Be Light and expand. Shine for others, a beacon of Light for others to see.

Star Finder
Then I remembered of two Elements I created differently in the last two years ~ Star Finder and Shining Flame. Star Finder is watercolor with a plastic "gem" bindi. Shining Flame is also watercolor with collage (jaguar's head) and a blue plastic "gem."

Star Finder sez . . .

I am the One Who shines in the East. The place of new beginnings, the dawn of a new day. I rise with the sun to light your Path and clear your mind with sweet breezes. Smile and be bright.

Meanwhile, from Shining Flame . . .

I am the One Who gets you going. I am the spark, the flame and sometimes the conflagration needed to clear the way. Play with fire, play with energy ~ it's all the same thing. Both need to be treated with respect.

And now it's time for lunch.

Shining Flame

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