Thursday, December 15, 2011

the Thursday morning walk

Ze Wolf hat c'est magnifique!
This morning, I put on my feral Team Jacob Wolf hat and went for my walk. (Hat pattern found in this book.) It was a gray morning which makes the lighting interesting. Well. It makes it all kinda gray, but the diffuse light was good. Obiwan walked with me all the way down the hill and back up again until we ran into our neighbor with his two dogs at the Lookout. Then he beat a hasty retreat back home on his own.

A few chicken pix have made the cyber-space as well.

Pine bark.

More pine bark.

The old road I like to walk.

An xmas tree from last Yule.

Run-off stream.

Some people like to save their
speed bumps for later.

My intrepid familiar, Obiwan.

A tiny tree we saved from certain roadside plowing.

Garrison Soup adjusting very nicely.

The Breakfast Club.

Rainbeau Nuggets

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