Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday morning walk

My studio cairns. These get rearranged every once in awhile;
whether they've been knocked down or not.
I like rocks. I've heard Fire Priestesses speak of their love for the Flame (here, Episode #13 Fire). There are probably Water Priestesses who feel the flow of water and can find  it deep in the earth where there appears to be none. Perhaps there are Air Priestesses who can whistle up the wind if necessary. If there are such people who love an element, is it enough to become a priestess of that element? Or is it the other way around? Does one become a priestess because an Element has chosen them? Nevertheless, this morning's walk had me noticing mostly the rocks, stones and boulders I stroll or drive by everyday. These beings with definition, solidity and strength hold the most character for me. I have crystals and bowls of stones, but I enjoy spending time with a Rock Being in the woods. Sometimes I get a story out of them. Everybody Needs a Rock has been a long time favorite book. It's got thoughtful instructions on finding your rock.

Mountain in the west.

One of the boulders lining the Old Road.

Lichen on that boulder.

Tiny pine hanging out with a
big rock brother.

Waning crescent moon over pines. 
A little closer, my dear.

Rocks hanging out together in a wall.

The negative spaces.

More negative spaces.

One Lone Rock.

A large rock outcrop.

A little closer, my dear.

Water over rock at the dam.

Rocks in a stream.

Ah, the Fourth Light in the Advent Garden!

The Light of Human and our constructs.

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Ruth said...

I love reading your blog and lingering over your images. There's always so much vitality and beauty in what you give to the world through this medium.

The old road gives me such pangs of homesickness . . .