Tuesday, December 13, 2011

stop & smell the wonder

Moon in the trees.
The Cannon SureShot came with me on the walk this morning. As I was walking, I was thinking of different kinds of walks. There's walking just to get somewhere ~ which, if you are able, happens easily indoors or out. You could hike; which is a walk usually requiring rugged out door gear and a sense of intrepid perseverance. (Like that Mt. Everest syndrome of climbing something just because it's there.) The hamster-wheel activity of walking merely for exercise on a treadmill is yet another form. The two kinds of walking I prefer are mindful walking (more like a meander) in the woods or the morning constitutional on the dirt roads. The latter being most frequent.

Mindful walking in the woods requires all your senses to be engaged. Trekking through in an oblivious manner can have dire consequences ~ like possibly being eaten by a bear. A  less drastic example simply dictates a need for respect toward Nature which should be exercised. It is Serious Slow Time when walking in the woods.

The constitutional is easier as the path is laid out before you. The task here is to stay mindful. Otherwise, the mind gets mired in thinking Other Things like the To-Do List, writing whole blog posts, how to further work on a painting . . . you get the idea. As in sitting meditation, the mind has to be reined in and redirected toward the mindfulness of walking. Then the wonder begins to seep through everything.

Which is why I brought the camera. Instead of good health and a sense of peace, I wanted to cultivate wonder and beauty on a road I drive or walk everyday. The bonus is I have images to play with either in Photoshop or on the easel!
A little closer, my dear!

Gnarly vines.

Lake through the trees.

Branches and the lake.

Sky, mountain, lake.

The sun in the trees.

The sun and magenta/violet orbs.

A cedar.

An autumnal pool.

Again, a little closer.

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