Friday, December 16, 2011

spinning tales

Mind the monstrous mohair!
Time is not on my side this evening. Here, there and everywhere all day and now we'll be watching two out of three of our youths performing a Broadway Review tonight at the local VFW Hall. Burgers are on the stove top, the third youth is whining he doesn't want to go and I'm running on the Holiday adrenaline.

In the meantime, I'm dreaming of hot cocoa and a chance to watch any one of the three movies I received in the snail mail from my good friend. What would it be? Bell, Book & Candle? Hogfather? The Color of Magic? It is a dream deferred, however, as that night will not be tonight. Tomorrow night isn't looking so good either. Another show for the youths, I think.

I leave you with alliterative captions.
Spectacularly spun sparkly kid mohair.

Wayward woolens of forgotten fame.

Come closer, my dear!

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