Saturday, December 31, 2011

soaking and loose ends

Soaking mohair.
Resolutions are a waste of time. I much prefer sorting through what needs to be finished out at the end of the year.  I'm not talking about dealing with fiscal organization or clearing out closets. Usually, I'm taking care of my own stuff. Set spun and plied fibers, finish those little knitting projects (now I am without a knitting project so I need to find one ASAP or I'll be a lost person this New Years Eve), fish for a direction on a painting lingering on the easel.

Before folks show up for an all-nighter overnight, Bennie and I are spending time at the dining table doing a little SoulCollage® and enjoying bottomless cups of tea. Also I have a spread on the desk gleaned from the Gaian Tarot to ponder at a quiet moment.

My New Year reading.
Life is good, life is a blessing. There is much gratitude at the turning of this year. May you find joy in the coming New Year.

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