Friday, December 02, 2011

planes of stability

When I'm feeling ungrounded and disconnected, I sometimes reach for a trusty Tarot deck to help map out what's up with my soul. I've gotten good grounded readings from the Planes of Stability layout found in T. Thorn Coyle's Evolutionary Witchcraft. Stability is something I'm looking for at this time with the heightened seasonal insanity.

So I ask: What do I need to keep grounded and stable?

The first card drawn relates to my Spiritual Practice and is The Seeker. (I'm using the Gaian Tarot created by Joanna Powell Colbert.) It would seem my practice is in walking (meandering even), being on the Path and making my own rules ~ even if they seem foolish. Nonetheless, my practice is filled with enthusiasm seeking the Divine in the mundane. So. I guess I'm good there, but walking everyday might be beneficial.

The Six of Air, reversed, speaks to me about Home and Relationships. I have to agree communications within the household haven't been the best. I allowed myself two helper cards here. What helps is the Three of Air, journaling thoughts and feelings in either words or images. What hinders is trying to homogenize it all according to Temperance. Normally, it's beneficial to integrate polarities, but in this case, things need to be kept separate.

The Body and Physical Health is visited by the Nine of Air, reversed. Without getting into great personal detail, this has been a concern. The Lovers, acting as a helper, reminds me to make good/better choices. The hindrance comes from the Explorer of Air indicating I shouldn't ignore certain boundaries.

My Emotions are steeped in joy with the Three of Water. This might come from that spiritual practice I've got going.

My Money and Work are dancing in fire with the Three of Fire ~ even though my "work" is hard to define and all over the place, something comes of it.

And Death in reverse is hanging out in Nature. On the whole, I'm generally pretty good about relating to seasonal changes. So what's up? The Explorer of Water says it would be helpful if I just go with the flow. In this case, The Teacher, who might have me learning and classifying (scrutinizing even) would not be helpful right now, hindering the flow.

With four Major Arcana in this reading, it indicates stability already ~ 4 being a number of structure and stability. And with 4 Air cards, much would have to do with how I structure my thoughts. Walking is good medicine for thinking things out. However, there's other things going on that might need a little time to percolate.

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