Monday, December 26, 2011

of random xmas shots

Carving the ham, by golly!
It all goes in the blink of an eye, but here's a few images of the new xmas past. Today is rife with leftovers and avoiding certain shopping centers.
A little xmas joy.

Everyone is a child again at xmas.

Waiting for the next gift.

Checking it out.

More checking.

Opening . . .

Very happy.

More checking it out.

A cell phone and the tree.

Tom and a pile.

Yay, more tree!

Ah, setting it all up!

Opening with a corn cob pipe. It's serious business.

Yes. Checking it out. With a corn cob pipe.

Crystal looking for her gift.

All done.

Quiet conversation.

Opening presents again?

Don't shake that, Jim!

Getting to work.

Okay! So I forgot I wrapped wine!

Pop awaiting the ham dinner.

Loaded and ready to go.
Darth has taken the day off from knocking more things
off the desk.

Ian and a cool pen.

Red bow and cool hat.

Enjoying the show.

Now we both have cool hats.

Ian is ready for gaming.

Yeah, I got an axe! How cool is that?

Fi with my cool hat.

Ian and Liam came up with a nifty idea for trying out the
baseball net.

TP at xmas ~ unheard of!

And ya gotta have a rousing round of Scrabble to top
off a fine evening.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

Thank you for sharing all those lovely photos of your family's xmas.

The stuffed snake hanging in Ian's room looks awfully familiar.

Now don't go all Lizzie Borden on us!