Monday, December 12, 2011

moon on the mountain

Moon in the west.
Welcome to this morning's beauty shot! It is the setting moon on the mountain. At this time, the sun was just peeking over the other mountain in the east. There was a wonderfully chilly snap to the air as well making for a crisp blue sky.

And that was only on the way back from warming up the van.

Earlier, I practiced samatha meditation ~ at 5:30am give or take. I've been engaging in this practice early in the day for about two weeks and I am finding a difference from meditation before bed. For one thing, I'm awake the rest of the day to reap the benefits of sitting. For another, I am learning that meditating does NOT in any way guarantee me the perfect day. It only means I meditated in the morning and I can just go to bed at night. It's a beneficial occurrence.
Nestled in the trees on the mountain.

My very first Prismacolor tutorial find turned out to be the most important: How to Properly Sharpen . . . For years, and I mean this literally, I've been sharpening these soft-core, very expensive pencils incorrectly. As shown in the cute sales video, it's the sharpener that should be doing the turning NOT the pencil. Nearly each and every time I've turned the pencil in the sharpener, I've lost too much of the colored core. As mentioned, these puppies are expensive ~ a busted core is costly. Then I played with blending, but nothing much to show for it here.

Moon in the trees.
When I have time in the car to myself, I visualize how a painting might evolve. Which is what happened this morning on my way back home from dropping folks off at school. What's on the easel now has been waiting patiently, but there suddenly doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. Before I know it, I'm in bed reading. While it's nice to have some direction once I get into the studio, painting in my head doesn't get me there. Also I've got a preconceived notion of the painting's direction which has me losing touch with what might need to happen. What's in my head is shocking and visceral. Will it feel the same when I put that to paper?
Reasons why it's important to be present in the studio.

Sadly, my day is once again winding down. I've one more run to the Rec Center and then I'm in for the night. No painting again.

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