Monday, December 19, 2011

listening to nature

Nature Speak by Ted Andrews is a recent acquisition in my ever-growing library. It is the book that has been inspiring me to get outside more often ~ even at this time of year when it would be prudent to lounge by the fire with a good book (like the aforementioned book, perhaps). It's lovely to read about a subject, but it's another thing altogether to put that theory to practice. So. I try to practice everyday ~ meditation in the morning, walking at least three times a week, spinning that thread of the Divine from the fibers of the Sacred Mundane. Looking to Nature is a wonderful way to watch the patterns of life and not only in the seasonal changes, but also environmental changes; macrocosmic and microcosmic.

This morning showed a waning crescent moon in the south, once again, held or ensnared in the branches of the trees. A little pondering might yield some helpful insight to another day ahead. Otherwise, it was a lovely sight and worth photographing.


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