Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the holiday neteru

Recently, Anne Marie Bennett of Kaleidosoul shared an exercise outlined by Seena Frost (the creator of SoulCollage®) in which eight to ten Neters are chosen from one's deck who seem to predominate during the holiday season. This isn't a Random Draw, but a deep reckoning of who is hanging out in the living room of your psyche and leaving cigarette butts piled in the ashtrays and who is acting as a better guest.

The following is the result of this creative experiment. These musings don't contain the I Am the One Who . . . statements. Instead, the words came through as stream of consciousness writing. Neters that are missing might be Gratitude, Peace, The Comfort of Darkness (just came up with that last one) which could to be created to mingle with the folks below.

American Gothika ~ I am feeling stretched and dried out. Is there no relief? I stand outside this  Circle ~ WE stand outside it together. How did we Forget? Maybe if we turn and go deep into the dark kiva we can Remember. We can rest and find God again.
Anger ~ Screaming! Yelling! Pulling! Tearing! This wave has pushed me too far and I don't like being pushed! My blood boils! I can not see clearly because of the blind rage. How can I stand and let this wave pass?
Communion w/ Nature Triptych 3 ~ I am so happy this tree is still here! That her roots still run deep into the earth, though the earth sleeps. This tree will feel the moon, the changeable waxing and waning that moves her sap like the ocean's tide. Aphrodite and her Dove bask in my tree's shade. Do NOT cut!
Denial ~ I will just look away. Let someone else tend to it. My pink halo is looking for fun and ease. All of these other things are complicated and not my business. I can't fix it all anyway.
Eat, Pray, Love ~ I embrace the hugeness of Life! I will not starve myself. I will not cheat myself out of living. Let this bounty be a prayer, let my prayer be love, let my love circle back around to create bounty. Life is not small and we are not meant to be small. We are meant to be right-sized which might be bigger than Life!
Fear Triptych 2 ~ Oh. I feel myself slipping into the background again. I am preoccupied, self-absorbed and withered. I want that cool glass of water, but the woman who is busy judging another ignores me. Inside, I am pinched, dried, insubstantial. I want to feel the juiciness of life, but I am lost.
Fragile ~ How does she do it? How does she keep all that weight on her head? How does she stay balanced and centered? I am feeling frazzled and disconnected. I can barely pull myself together! I just want to be left alone.
My Bodyguards ~ Right! No one gets in without permission! If you feel like a doormat it's because you let them walk all over you! It's because you've ignored us and our job. We've earned some respect. We know how to protect even if we do look strange and comical. (Besides, it's our element of surprise that wins out!) We stand before your Fragile self so you can de-frazzle.
Jizo ~ I am here to shield you with Smiles. My protection is gentle and yielding. I leave you to safely tend your Flame so that it may shine for others to see. You are safe with me. I might be small, but my smallness is mighty! My most disarming weapon is my smile. No one expects the Jizo!

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Anne Marie Bennett said...

Wowee, Dawn! This is AMAZING. Such a heartfelt and truthful response to this exercise. Thank you for putting it out there for all of us to benefit from!