Tuesday, December 20, 2011

hi ho, hi ho

Dirk and Darth battling it out for desk space.
As you can see here, Dirk has one good reason why he can't get work done. Darth has been camping out at this site on the desk for about a week now. He's been reorganizing the paperwork by lying on it and then shoving it all off the desk as he stretches out. Informing GC's files can't be accessed because a cat is sleeping on the keyboard isn't, though an honest assessment of the situation, exactly professional. General Contractors rarely have a sense of humor (unless they're holding Subcontractor's checks for yucks and gigs, of course ~ then it's all ducky).

Note the mocking smirk of utter disinterest and
a complete lack of consideration.
While Dirk may have his excuses for not being able to get his work done, there are no cats sleeping on my easel. The dogs don't hang out in my studio either. (Although, Crystal does like to sit in my wicker chair and look about stately as a Pyranean Mastiff can look sitting in a wicker chair). I had an hour to myself so I added another sheet of paper to the peacock painting and started playing with the turquoise blue. I'm pleased with that accomplishment and have gotten over less concrete excuse hurdles than what some here deal with. Sometimes getting to the studio is just as tough as getting past your cat to the keyboard.

Pool of tears expanding.

A little closer, my dear.

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Ruth said...

Cats have their own ideas regarding prioritization and workloads.

Dirk is a capable man. He can deal with felinus interruptus. ;-)