Tuesday, December 06, 2011

dreary day & comments

A perfect dreary day! Me and the two feet took a walk in the slight drizzle. Dirk and I set up a pen for the newly acquired rooster, Garrison Soup, so that he could safely stretch his legs while everyone gets to know each other. We're fixin' to get some food shopping done. In between this and that, I can knit and spend a little time in the studio.

In the meantime, I will attempt to address a few comments . . .

comment on your post "the house elf": 
Any chance you could share that Sweet Potatoes w/ Caramelized Apples recipe?
Here is where you can find one version on Martha's site. The only difference I'm vaguely remembering from this and the one in her book is the brandy or Calavados added to the sweet potatoes.

comment on your post "our advent garden": 
Completely random question here: How did you keep the adhesive in place while putting the tile and glass bits on top of that piece of furniture? 
The adhesive was quite tacky and stable so it wasn't too hard to spread an area with the toothed trowel (supplied by Dirk) and stick the tile and bits.

comment on your post "at the mountaintop rooster preserve": 
Oh dear gods. Who comes up with these brilliant names?
Well. I do, by golly! Dirk will come up with a few, but the nick name I attach to them according to personality seems to stick. I especially like adding the culinary reference for amusement.

It would seem my work here is done. And so on with the rest of the day. Hopefully, it will be a creative one somewhere.

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Thank you, ma'am! :-)