Monday, December 05, 2011

computer access

Homework and business come first with regard to computer usage around here. Tom had a 9-page essay to work on once home from watching a Giants loss at a relative's house. (At least I got a substantial amount of scarf knitting done. It's a win/win for me.) As a result, no blog post last night.

I'm here to make it all right now so . . .

The tree is up and decorated. Obiwan has climbed it a couple of times since and left us a flying squirrel, barely recognizable, under the coffee table as a gift. Point is, the tree is decorated ~ forget the squirrel.

Later today, Bennie and I have other xmas business to attend to.

Further on in images, are photos of last night's Advent Garden lighting. This second candle is honor of plants according to the Waldorf verse. As appropriate to the verse, I added a sprig of pine and a toy tea cup full of lavender, chamomile and lemon balm (from my garden). These candles stayed lit until we turned in for the night.

And finally, I'm on Vigil with Brighid until sundown today. This time spent with Her has been good and peaceful.
The Advent Garden with the second candle lit.

A sprig of pine and gentle herbs.

On Vigil with Brighid.

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Ruth said...

Obiwan is such a gentleman . . . and your tree looks beautiful.