Sunday, December 11, 2011

a bit of Sunday moodling

My little Prismacolor tree!
It was a busy day yesterday. The chicken coop was cleaned out and the floor reconstructed to better accommodate all feathered fellows. We just need to hang feeders for heavy winter snows.

The Inflatable Woodland Army was installed at the corner for our general amusement and to bring lightness to an otherwise sober community.

We went to see the incredible Jonathan Kruk at the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow perform ALL the characters in A Christmas Carol solo. All of them from Scrooge to Mrs. Cratchett to Tiny Tim to the Ghost of Christmas Past/Present/Future. Four shows in one night to boot.

In the midst of all the activity, I had an opportunity to play with some Prismacolors on watercolor stock. I'm re-learning, teaching myself, how to blend with colored pencils again. It isn't a serious lesson plan which means taking a little time out to moodle and play. A time to be curious and see what happens. The kicker is remembering what one has done to get a certain effect, even if it was a mistake. Some mistakes are worth repeating.

At the last visit, my friend, Kim, was using my wheel, spinning furiously, to get some fiber spun quickly before driving back north. She has since gotten a hold of a wheel to complete other projects, but I'd set aside the mohair roving ball so she could commandeer the Millie. As of last night, the mohair is back on the spool and I hope to get this spun up quickly enough for some kind of knitting project. This means cruising either Knitty Spin or Knitting Pattern Central for the perfect mohair project. It all just adds to the never-ending fun!

Back in the saddle again.
Lest we forget, this is the third Sunday of Advent. At sundown will be a lighting of the candle for the Light of all beasties. Bennie and I will add animal representations to the Advent Garden and light the first three candles on our evolving altar. Time spent creating this space is indeed a respite from the holiday crazies.

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