Saturday, December 03, 2011

at the mountaintop rooster preserve

Today's new rooster Garrison Soup.
Dirk likes roosters. A lot. So guess what we have A LOT of? What's good is we can offer a home to roosters that were thought to be hens at the time of purchase. We enjoy them despite their utter uselessness. Face it, they don't lay eggs and are generally noisy. The nice thing is they cohabitate well enough without too many skirmishes. Those skirmishes that do occur are never repeated as it's sorted out right then and there who's boss (without damage to either party). Such is the dynamics of Pecking Order. The only reason I mention any of this is because we've just adopted another rooster. Why? I put it to you: Why not? Sanity runs on a razor's edge on the best of days. An extra rooster thrown into the mix ain't nothin'.
Pretty Boy Floyd Cutlets. 
The oldest hen Angel.

Snowflake Cordon Bleu.

Joel Coen (has a brother named Ethan).

Crackers (also new) & Snowflake.

Brownie, the oldest rooster.

Fidget and a couple of the Girls.

Rusty Drumsticks.

Bennie and I making xmas cards last night.

Note: Not any one of our chickens EVER becomes food. Well, not for humans, at least. The occasional raccoon, coyote or possum hits us up like an all-night buffet every once in awhile. The hazards of having chickens in the woods. Such varmint visitations are curtailed, humanely, as soon as possible.

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Ruth said...

Oh dear gods. Who comes up with these brilliant names?

I can see Dirk having a fondness for roosters. It much be a guy thing. ;-) Or maybe it's just that inside, he's really a softie.