Saturday, December 17, 2011

ah the Broadway Review!

Tom and Dirk after the show.
Tom and Bennie sang in a few Broadway tunes at the local VFW. A little community fun and gathering. The Director Who Chooses to Remain Anonymous had, once again, done a fine job getting youths organized to put on a show with some confidence and finesse. Ian was dragged along for the ride. It's not his cup of tea. He survived though. It was nothing like the night we dragged him to Breaking Dawn. He'll never forgive us for that night, but the dead pan look during the entire movie was worth it.

After the show, there were refreshments and good conversation with folks we probably won't see again before xmas as everyone will be mired in their family gatherings and general holiday busy-ness.

Bennie belting out a little back-up.

Tom singing King of New York.

Ian improving his glare.

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