Saturday, November 19, 2011

yes, it's Saturday

I do love Saturdays. Sleeping late (7:00am ~ woo-hoo!), hot tea finished while still hot and the morning radio shows on WAMC ~ life is good.

It's also a good day to get some painting done early. To the right is today's development. I don't know where the black peacock is headed and it doesn't matter. All that matters is being at the easel.

And in answer to a recent query: I do read all my comments. They get sent to my e-mail. I've just no way to really to respond except here. When I get here, I forget. Well, except for now.

Now. Time to give Crystal a bath.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

I am slow to get back to reading, but thank you for answering.

Hmm. Peacock. Thoughts are percolating like peacock poop running behind my ears.