Tuesday, November 08, 2011

yes, grown-ups have sleepovers

Last night, Kim came to visit. We did our usual thing of tasty beverage (okay ~ tea for me, water for her) and playing with fiber. Sometimes, she's brought her beads and wires to fiddle with. In between the stitches or rolags or next bead, we talk about everything whether it's catching up or more universal subjects. Dotty, her Lab mix, also came to visit the dogs. (Well. Mostly Crystal. It takes Bodhi a good long walk with a stranger to decide the company is okay.)

Visits with Kim always feel relaxed and homey. We get our own stuff done while the dishes pile up and paperwork waits. It's always a pleasure to have her drop in awhile. The distraction is like a spa retreat.

Kim working out the toe on her first ever sock.
Obiwan dumpster diving.

Our biggest distraction for the evening was watching my cat go into the garbage bin. Y'know, when I had the kitchen done, I was so pleased to have a garbage bin drawer ~ one I thought none of my animals could get into. However, as usual, dogs are intelligent in ways not always useful to humans; Crystal learned how to open the garbage bin drawer. It's become her after-hours buffet. So. When I know I've dumped some delectable bits, like chicken bones, in the bin it goes on the counter. What I hadn't figured on was the cats . . . and they've been leaving eviscerated flying squirrels on the living room floor. Things can get a little macabre around here.

Kim and I doing our thing this morning over a cup of Joe.

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Ruth said...

What I wouldn't give to have made that a threesome.