Friday, November 25, 2011

spinning and journal entries

Soothing blue/green/purple mohair.
One would think today ought to be an easier one. For me it would have been a break between Thanksgiving gatherings. However, the Gods had other things in mind as our water pump crapped out during the first Thanksgiving football game, just before getting water to make the mashed potatoes. So today we are pulling up the well pump which is no easy task at a 500ft depth and having a look-see. That's just the look-see. We won't know a thing until it's up. We're hoping for an easy fix.

Then I can do the dishes from yesterday.

In the meantime, I spin. It doesn't require water.

From Samhain.
Meandering thoughts about meditation.

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Ruth said...

That yarn is a luscious color.

Onward to the next installment of the water pump saga!