Wednesday, November 09, 2011

'round the studio

First, let me apologize to my family for the evening fare. Usually, the homemade macaroni and cheese ala Emeril is pretty darn good. I've no idea what happened tonight. Maybe it's because I had only one cheese going in a three-cheese recipe. Nonetheless, I appreciate each and every one of you for choking it down and lying to me about its culinary failings. This is what Family Love is all about. Pecan bars for all soon enough. Now. Down to business . . .

Yesterday, I pulled out all the wool I purchased at the Sheep & Wool for Kim to see. Thought some here might like a gander as well. There's the angora dyed by Jamie Harmon, mohair/wool rovings, llama rovings, some sparkly stuff to include in spinning, some Wensleydale locks and a cone of linen warp to weave linsey-woolsy. All waiting for fibery dreams to come true.
Also, I got A LOT of spinning done while Kim was around. So the Leicesters of different nations and colors are coming together very nicely. I have maybe another 4 ounces of the stuff altogether yet to spin and then I'm done. What next?

As usual, the desk is filled with Things Important and Things Not So Important waiting for my attention at one point or another today.

For some drop spinning joy, kid mohair and a bag of the $3.00 sparkly stuff is waiting for idle hands. This activity is usually reserved for those moments when I'm waiting just a few more minutes for Dirk to get off the phone or finish an e-mail before leaving somewhere or getting down to some paperwork.

And here's but the little bit I've managed to get done on this painting. Friday is looking pretty good for perhaps wrapping this one up and moving on to another image rattling about in my mind. Even if I'm not clear on what it is just yet, I sense something needs to be expressed. I only have one easel and a very organized process that involves finishing what's on it before moving on to the next piece. I know other artists present and past might do otherwise, but I'm not amongst them. I like to finish what's in front of me. Although . . . sometimes, I have broken that rule. 

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