Monday, November 28, 2011

our advent garden

It is often that Bennie not only stops to smell the roses in life; she takes a moment and photographs them. Though she was immersed in her early morning Netflix viewing before school, Bennie noticed this morning's sunrise (rising later and later this time of year of course) and felt it was photo worthy. So I bring you ~ Breaking Dawn. Pun intended.

Meanwhile, in the front hall is the beginning of our Advent Garden. This is an idea borrowed from Waverly Fitzgerald's Living in Season site created by Erin Fossett. Technically, the garden altar needed to be set up yesterday being the first Sunday of Advent, but Bennie and I caught it up this evening. This first Sunday relates to stones, bones, crystals and shells and the Light that lives in them according to a Waldorf verse. I created the crystal spiral and Bennie added the shells we found at Sherwood Island this summer. A couple of the shells really were treasures to find ~ like gifts especially for us. It's wonderful to include them in this altar though summer is long gone.

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Ruth said...

Completely random question here: How did you keep the adhesive in place while putting the tile and glass bits on top of that piece of furniture?