Sunday, November 13, 2011

oh, it's just the ancestors again

One can not photographically chronicle lost time. It wasn't wasted time ~ not in my opinion, at least. I've started rooting around in the world of I've gone in with very little information to start, but have gotten a few different leads and connections. Really, it makes me wish I'd paid a little more attention to things my grandmother said. I'm not talking about the fantastic stories of rescuing an uncle in Germany during WWII or being in the OSS. The simple things like having lived in Gardner, MA ~ a chair manufacturing town. That her father would weave the reed in the manufactured chairs. And who precisely was Tate (pronounced ta-teh and meaning aunt in Lithuanian)? Her mother's sister or her father's? What would her name have been? She raised my grandmother and her brother after her parents died. All that I remember about Tate is going to Gardner to stay the night along with my grandmother. I wrecked her rhubarb plants, but she made a pie with the stalks so it was all good. Never saw her again after that.

Meandering through the ancestors was my Sunday project. In the meantime, I finished spinning up some wool fleece from last year's Sheep & Wool acquisitions. Photos and accurate info on that tomorrow. The goody was finishing up the spinning during the last Harry Potter movie.

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