Thursday, November 17, 2011

let there be lamp!

Awaiting en-lightenment
My favorite part.
The smell of burning rubber and dead bugs emitting from a family heirloom is rarely a beneficial occurrence. So. This lamp now stands sans-electric and awaits new innards, like the Tin Man awaiting a heart. At least the Tin Man wouldn't have to run to Home Depot. Oz would be a far more interesting destination. I know the personnel too well at the Home Depot (thanks to previous visitations) and there are no poppy fields along the way within which to take a nap.

Down below are skeins soon to be set. Two of the pink/brown skeins are from my S-twist/Z-plied experiment. It should knit up something nice in either direction.   I do like how the blue pops out 'twixt the browns.

The self-portrait is drying, but the day is passing too quickly. By the way, Sucklord was kicked off Work of Art last night. I'll miss him. He was the Anti-Artist.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

Are there manufacturer's markings on the bottom of the lamp?

It's beautiful. :-)