Tuesday, November 29, 2011

lake lachrymose

Where it's at.
Eye streaming tears.
The eye of the Silent Witness?
Lake Lachrymose. These two words ran through my mind repeatedly as I painted the blue lake and streaming eyes. Lake Lachrymose is a place in one of Lemony Snicket's books from A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Wide Window, specifically. Lake Lachrymose is a water filled with its own lake-specific leeches which take lives and fill survivors with irrational fears. I won't chart the course of this painting based on leeches and fears, but, for today, I seem to have tapped into a sadness. Or perhaps they are tears of Joy? The black peacock is a creature I'm enjoying right now. There's more to him, I'm sure, but it'll come in good time.

This morning, I finally went on over to the Yin Yoga YouTube channel. Well. I didn't know what I was missing. I've had the book for about 6 months. I've read through the Yin Yoga site several times and receive the newsletters. I've practiced the Beginner's sequences as often as I could. Yin Yoga teachers aren't all that near to me, so I do a lot of self-learning. What a treat to hear Bernie explain and demonstrate the principles and poses of Yin Yoga. I felt inspired to practice, but the day got away from me, like it does. Tomorrow must include time on the mat. And then more time in Lake Lachrymose avoiding the terrible Lachrymose Leeches.

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