Sunday, November 20, 2011

getting to the Falcon

Ignacio Berroa (not sure of the photo credit)
Last night, we went out to Falcon Arts. They describe themselves best as follows:

The Falcon welcomes everybody. This is a place to celebrate music, to pay homage to the music and the great musicians that make it. We receive the musician's gift by listening to the music they create. Our policy is that you donate what you can to support these musicians. It is their livelihood. Rather than charging a cover fee, the doors are open to everyone. We have a donation box, and everything goes directly to the musicians. Please come and enjoy the music, and remember to put what you can in the box. Support the Arts!

It's a place where my mother used to hang out with her friends and was involved with helping put the project together. So I go because it's a cool place to hear music I wouldn't otherwise listen to and experience something she enjoyed. The food is good (although Dirk didn't get the meal he expected last night ~ so he was a little disappointed) and priced well enough. To date, I've seen Alexis P. Suter Band, headed by a woman with a deep explosive voice. She really raises the roof. Another time Dirk and I went and saw Spottiswoode and His Enemies ~ we bought a CD while at the show. Last night, the very mellow Ignacio Berroa graced the stage. One can see how Berroa loves the drums ~ he was relaxed and smiling nearly the entire show. He was also making witty remarks between tunes. Berroa played both sets, no warm-up band. Which was fine ~ he needed no warming up.

Today, I'll get through the day with some of last night's mellow tunes roaming 'round my head. It's a beneficial occurrence.

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