Saturday, November 05, 2011

dangerously domestic

Brighid's Vigil ~ a spiritual practice.
Blogging. I haven't been writing. Personal challenge: chronicle something daily either in words or images. Basic strategy: KISS ~ Keep it simple, Sweetpea.

Today, I'm on the second leg of a Vigil. The brick oven is calling and I'm mixing up some dough to live in the fridge awhile for either bread or pizzas. Various spinning tools are screaming for attention ~ especially now that I've got new wool from this past Sheep & Wool. I was actually in my studio painting after a month-long hiatus imposed by crazy life circumstances and daily busy-ness. (Nothing worth photographing though.) My journal is, of course, my touchstone for daily creativity and rumination. And then there's meditations with Susan Piver's Open Heart Project that have become a new, easier daily practice. No chanting. No words. Just sitting. I download the audio to my iPod for my nightly sittings before bed. 

And so I leave you with random shots from around the abode.

Waiting wool ~ some gifted, some from the S&W.

Getting ready to mix the dough.

Me journaling during the power outage.

Tom & Kyle at Ian's 15th Birthday gathering.

Darth and Obiwan sharing a new favorite chair.

Bennie sketching pumpkins.

Bennie and Ian decorating for Halloween.

Bennie's barfing pumpkin.

Dirk and Bennie at the beginning of the storm.

Back yard during the storm.

Backyard the next day.

Crystal and Bodhi enjoying the fire.

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Ashling said...

Wondered if you'd gone to sheep & wool this year. We ended up there both days (plus the workshop day), and it seems like this will be a heavy-on-the-assorted-felting year...