Saturday, November 12, 2011

c'est finis!

Oatstraw and nettles.
After walkies with the dogs yesterday, herbal infusions were prepared. It's the usual oatstraw with a bit of raw honey and nettle leaf. Herbal goodness in a jar.

A walk was just the thing I needed. Brisk weather, leaves blowing, the fetid scents of a waning year. The dogs were catching every scent on the breeze and on the ground along the way. I forget, too often, they need the walks too. Nothing spectacular occurred. No epiphanies. Merely the sublimity of a walk in late fall in all its simplicity. One foot in front of the other.
Ah. A finished painting. One that had been occupying my easel for too long. The title of this piece is likely to be How Should We Search, the first line of the Rumi poem included in the painting.

Once dry, I'll have to find a bit of wall to hang it on. Or figure out how to sell it. I'm not good at selling my paintings, but I'll learn.

How should we search
for the fruit of Spirit?
By not always greedily
stretching out our hands.
~ Rumi

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