Friday, October 14, 2011

journal images & some Elfwalking

A little sunshine on a dreary day.

Frida is my inspiration. Spanish, not so good.

Memories of a lamp.

In need of a Spa Day.

Jonathan Kruk and Andrea Sadler on the Elfwalk Oct 1.

A random faery head.

Bit and bobs faeries borrowed.

Faery sign.

The Good People themselves.

Lea and Bennie, post Faery garb.

Andrea at work.

Faery dwelling Dirk built. (Yes. It was completed.)

Another faery dwelling.

Jonathan weaving some magic on the path.

Another random fellow.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

OMG, Bennie is getting boobs . . . and is looking more like you every day.

Love the little elf houses (way to go, Dirk!), the random journal pages, but most of all, you.