Friday, September 09, 2011

let this walk be a prayer . . .

As my feet led me down the road, my mind began to ramble. I don't take my iPod with me for walks. All the better to hear the environment or to listen for cars and thoughts speeding by. I thought of walking as a prayer. Some portion of Annie Dillard's words from Pilgrim at Tinker Creek came to mind: "And like Billy Bray, I go my way, and my left foot says 'Glory,' and my right foot says 'Amen:' in and out of Shadow Creek, upstream and down, exultant, in a daze, dancing, to the twin silver trumpets of praise."

Mainly, the Left Foot, Right Foot words kept going in the mental loop. How can this walk be a prayer?

Let this walk be a prayer for the Earth because She sustains life.
Let this walk be a prayer for the trees because they are going to sleep soon.
Let this walk be a prayer for art because it feeds my soul.
Let this walk be a prayer for So-and-so because they need it.

And if I came back to So-and-so or something else the reason for the prayer would change.

My walk was a prayer for trees, rocks, squirrels, my health, my family, my friends (listed individually ~ it was a long walk), God Herself, favorite people, not-so-favorite people, art, breath, feet . . . Each thing listed had a reason for prayer  ~ sustenance, love, meanings to me, qualities specific, reasons unknown. I walked down off my dirt road looping through the development at the bottom of the hill and onto my road again looking for reasons to pray along the way.

Back at the top of the hill, the theme from Rocky interrupted any further praying. It's a big hill worthy of some notice once crested. Trumpeting composed by Bill Conti is good.

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