Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumnal Equinox, baby

 It's the middle of Autumn. What have we harvested? Great summer tomatoes, Bell and Habanero peppers. The other fruits of summer are elusive and hard to define ~ some sense of peace, better relations with folks . . . a sampling of realizations. Bennie and I enjoyed a garden. Dirk, Tom and Ian enjoyed fireworks and, in Tom's case, driving. Days at the lakeside beach are becoming distant memories as swimming ended the day after Bennie's birthday party. (Although, it wouldn't bother her to go swimming right on through to Thanksgiving.) Are we ready to move into the dark half of the year? Maybe. Not being outdoors and cooking over the grill allows us all to switch gears. Soup and bread, fires in the hearth, holing up in the studio generally undisturbed. I feel ready for these things after the outward-bound expression of summer.

In the meantime, I leave you with Bennie's parting shots from the garden . . .


Ruth said...

I'm finding the sudden transition to Autumn to be a bit unsettling. Like a bipolar flipping into depression from a 3 month manic phase . . . I simply wasn't ready for this.

And . . . it is unmistakeably Autumn. Somebody gave the Wheel a hard turn and left smoking rubber in Summer's wake.

Ashling said...

Love the golden warmth of your photo, and the farewell loveliness of Bennie's photos. Your question, while obvious for the season, has left me pondering at length what I've harvested in a Summer that has managed to simultaneously race and crawl by. And Ruth's comment is a powerfully vivid and apt description for this peculiar Fall.