Thursday, September 08, 2011

13 & belated love notes from Irene

Bennie's 13th Birthday Wand
made w/ a rose stem, a crystal Brownie's rooster feathers,
ribbon and beads.

someone's back yard on Route 9

a HumVee driving thru

someone else's yard

the plaza

yet another HumVee

plaza all a-wash

deep water for the HumVee

deep water for the pick-up

Ah, Foundry Dam . . .


one of a few trees down

water bubbling up from a drain on Barrett Pond Rd

a rescue in progress

1 comment:

Ashling said...

Looks like you all got hit almost as badly as the mountaintop regions just a few miles from us. It was so bizarre that all we had was some standing water (like an inch), while a short drive away, entire towns were trashed. Hope you all were okay.