Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumnal Equinox, baby

 It's the middle of Autumn. What have we harvested? Great summer tomatoes, Bell and Habanero peppers. The other fruits of summer are elusive and hard to define ~ some sense of peace, better relations with folks . . . a sampling of realizations. Bennie and I enjoyed a garden. Dirk, Tom and Ian enjoyed fireworks and, in Tom's case, driving. Days at the lakeside beach are becoming distant memories as swimming ended the day after Bennie's birthday party. (Although, it wouldn't bother her to go swimming right on through to Thanksgiving.) Are we ready to move into the dark half of the year? Maybe. Not being outdoors and cooking over the grill allows us all to switch gears. Soup and bread, fires in the hearth, holing up in the studio generally undisturbed. I feel ready for these things after the outward-bound expression of summer.

In the meantime, I leave you with Bennie's parting shots from the garden . . .

Monday, September 19, 2011

the Knitting Goddess in the East

This past summer, I mentioned in another post how I would try to use the directions of the Medicine Wheel or Elementals in conjunction with SoulCollage®. This morning was the day of discovery as I was doing my Daily Draw with my Little Family of Images. My usual practice is to cut the deck in four piles. Depending on the time I have I may choose the top card of each pile, lay them out and then using a pendulum determine my card for the day. If I have more time, without looking at the backs of the cards (some are painted, some not), I will go through each cut pile feeling for the card that might be the best choice out of that pile. I used to do six cuts, but have recently found four the perfect number. As of this morning, I understand why: each cut pile could represent a direction in the Medicine Wheel along with the qualities of that direction. For example, starting with pile one being that of the East usually signifying dawn, new beginnings, inspiration only to name a few. The next piles could be South, West and North, again, with their own qualities according to Tradition or intuitive inclination. There are probably many books and links on the internet outlining the many qualities of each direction so I leave those discoveries to you as that's half the fun. Also, I like to use the pendulum to guide me to the best possible image that would depict my energies for the day, but I think a random intuitiveness could yield some hefty results.

So. Simple directions: Divide your SoulCollage® deck into four piles, face down, assigning each a direction on the Medicine Wheel ~ or ~ go through each of the four piles to determine, intuitively and without looking at the backs, which four cards might feel best and arrange them into the directions, again face down. For my practice and knowledge, I like to start in the East and work my way to North clockwise, but choose where you want to start for yourself. The only constants are the directions ~ how you start is up to you. Once the four cards are laid out, either use a pendulum (again, my favorite tool) to get an idea of which direction and image holds the best energies for the day ~ or ~ use some of that random intuitiveness and just pick what you're drawn to.

Then dialog with that image from the perspective of the direction. For example, my choice for today is as follows:

Knitting Goddess in the East
Today your energies are found in new beginnings, inspiration, the Dawn of a New Day with me, the Knitting Goddess! We're looking at a new knitting project. We're looking at ways you can knit life back together. What I have to tell you from the East is to find new ways in knitting together past and present. The past can't be changed but your perspective of it can be. Knit that new perspective into the Now, creating a new pattern for life not only for Self but also for others.

You can stop reading the laid out cards there and leave that as the Daily Draw or continue on to the other directions to see what perspectives they hold for you, thus creating a full reading. Play with it. If you're feeling adventurous, add Center and assign any meanings to that position which work for you, either the You In This Moment or as You Being in Center. Have fun and enjoy!

Friday, September 09, 2011

let this walk be a prayer . . .

As my feet led me down the road, my mind began to ramble. I don't take my iPod with me for walks. All the better to hear the environment or to listen for cars and thoughts speeding by. I thought of walking as a prayer. Some portion of Annie Dillard's words from Pilgrim at Tinker Creek came to mind: "And like Billy Bray, I go my way, and my left foot says 'Glory,' and my right foot says 'Amen:' in and out of Shadow Creek, upstream and down, exultant, in a daze, dancing, to the twin silver trumpets of praise."

Mainly, the Left Foot, Right Foot words kept going in the mental loop. How can this walk be a prayer?

Let this walk be a prayer for the Earth because She sustains life.
Let this walk be a prayer for the trees because they are going to sleep soon.
Let this walk be a prayer for art because it feeds my soul.
Let this walk be a prayer for So-and-so because they need it.

And if I came back to So-and-so or something else the reason for the prayer would change.

My walk was a prayer for trees, rocks, squirrels, my health, my family, my friends (listed individually ~ it was a long walk), God Herself, favorite people, not-so-favorite people, art, breath, feet . . . Each thing listed had a reason for prayer  ~ sustenance, love, meanings to me, qualities specific, reasons unknown. I walked down off my dirt road looping through the development at the bottom of the hill and onto my road again looking for reasons to pray along the way.

Back at the top of the hill, the theme from Rocky interrupted any further praying. It's a big hill worthy of some notice once crested. Trumpeting composed by Bill Conti is good.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

13 & belated love notes from Irene

Bennie's 13th Birthday Wand
made w/ a rose stem, a crystal Brownie's rooster feathers,
ribbon and beads.

someone's back yard on Route 9

a HumVee driving thru

someone else's yard

the plaza

yet another HumVee

plaza all a-wash

deep water for the HumVee

deep water for the pick-up

Ah, Foundry Dam . . .


one of a few trees down

water bubbling up from a drain on Barrett Pond Rd

a rescue in progress