Saturday, August 13, 2011


Okay. Admittedly, the creativity levels have taken a bit of a down turn. My interest has been in the area of surfing the internet and my own bookcases for wide and varied subjects. It started with investigating the side affects of Micardis and Micardis HCT because I've been suffering swollen, blistered lips for about 3 weeks now. The only cure seems to be hydrocortisone (yielding yet another search ~ Is it okay to use this stuff on lips?) applied 3 to 4 times a day after meals and before bedtime. The findings regarding telmisartin (the generic name of Micardis) disturbed and annoyed me, including that of facial rashes, to a point where I am militant, Positively Militant, about getting off hypertension meds.

On to the next search: What healthy things can I do to reduce my blood pressure without making my body a slave the Great American Pharmaceutical Machine? And, besides all that, I'm one of the many uninsured citizens of this fine nation. So, my health is up to me. Susun Weed touts the many benefits of herbal infusions, Nettle, in particular. I like to cross reference my info, thus more searching into Nettle as well as referring to an old tome, Weed's Healing Wise. With all I've read, it sounds like I'm headed in a good direction. Nettle is not only diuretic in nature, but nourishing, providing calcium, magnesium, potassium and the B complex of vitamins. Micardis offers none of these and, if using the HCT variant, causes photosensitivity (for about 2 weeks, I thought I just had sun poisoning, but I'm not much of a sun bunny). Nettle infusion heals kidneys and neural pathways. I doubt telmisartin possesses those qualities.

Okay. What else? I need to lose weight. A woefully-admitted 30 lbs, in fact. This is a two-pronged effort (notice I did not use the word "attack") ~ Diet and Exercise. The dusty book on my sun room shelf with the best information is Paul Pitchford's Healing With Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition. In his book, Pitchford marries Traditional Chinese Medicine theory with Western research on health and nutrition. If I'm understanding the reading I've done thus far, I'm suffering a Liver Heat Syndrome, one of the many physical signs including hypertension. In short, I have an angry Liver and I need to make it smile. Following the table are dietary suggestions for Liver Heat: eat less (duh!), eat less fats, discontinue (if possible and w/ medical supervision, of course) prescriptions to relieve the "stagnant and swollen liver." Eat raw foods to stimulate said liver. Eat foods that harmonize the liver: springtime foods, grains, vegetables, legumes and other complex carbs. And the crowning glory, bitter and sour foods to reduce liver excesses as quoted, "Perhaps the most powerful common remedy for quickly removing liver stagnation and the accompanying depression and indigestion is vinegar." However, as I have a Heat condition and vinegar can aggravate that condition further, lemon, lime or grapefruit would be better. This all requires that I Pay Attention and be Discriminating about what I eat. Says she who has ingested a bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich for brunch. It was on oat-nut bread and using one of our eggs with farm-fresh cheddar cheese. Does that count? It's a start.

Now about the other prong of that Weight-Loss fork: Exercise. The all-out cardio-circuit-training-treadmill workout isn't my cup of tea. I like walking. I like yoga. A friend and physical trainer, suggested I add weight to lose weight ~ walk with a gallon jug of water in a backpack for the more intense work out. Right now, I think I have enough of my own weight to contend with walking down the hill a half mile and then walking back up that hill. So, I'll just walk and at least 3 times a week. Walking is cheap and doesn't need much in the way of equipment. Although, I am coveting and not so secretly, a pair of Vibram Jaya LR non-shoes; initiating another search into barefooting altogether. Another covetous item would be an elliptical ~ especially for those crazy winter days when walking in snow and ice is less than desirable. I want to lose weight, not a limb. Walking is a discipline I may gain benefit by strict adherence. My motto here might need to be: No slacking.

What matters most in all this researching is I have some modicum of control and certainly plenty of responsibility. I've spoken with my doctor and she agreed I could stop taking the Micardis ~ at least until I see her this Monday. Fine. Until then, I've continued making nettle and oatstraw infusions, drinking at least 2 cups of the nettle daily. I've walked this morning and I feel a little headache-y, but I suspect that's part of not taking the prescription medications. I suppose I could research a little bit into the detox headache issue, but I'd rather head to the studio and write and sketch in my journal or paint. These activities also reduce blood pressure, by golly!

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Ashling said...

I'd be very interested in knowing how the nettle works for you. I've been on bp meds for a year and a half, and hate them. I'm one of those people for whom stress definitely exacerbates the problem, so have spent months restructuring life and attitudes to create boundaries between work and home, and doing what I love most. But nettle sounds intriguing--please keep posting your efforts...