Sunday, August 14, 2011

the niftyness of synchronicity

In a rare moment, I was lazing about in bed longer than usual with the TV controls (and that indeed is very rare) when I bumped into a PBS showing of Dr. Joel Fuhrman's 3 Steps to Incredible Health along w/ the accompanying pledge drive goodies available. I know this veers wildly from Creativity, but sometimes one's creativity needs to focus on one's well-being. Otherwise the only creativity available might be the pushing up of one's daisies. My interest was instantly captured as he discussed ways to reduce a great many of America's over-indulgent maladies, hypertension being one of them, by simply eating right. I know this has been mentioned ad nauseum by so many, but coupled with Paul Pitchford's book noted in my previous post Dr. Fuhrman's information might give me more to work with.

There seems to be enough information to get started on Dr. Fuhrman's site without loading the Shopping Cart from the get-go. So I plan on checking things out there awhile before purchasing anything. Here is his essay on hypertension. And I clocked in at 97/73 this morning. No meds (third day and how liberating it is not to take anything) just drinking my Nettle infusion, having a little lemon water and eating mindfully.


Ruth said...

It would appear that Blogger just won't let me post comments if I try to use my google ID. Thus, every reply just goes into the great beyond and never shows up.


Glad to hear that your BP has dropped, but that systolic number is kind of on the low side. Watch that, my dear.

dollsRcallingme said...

Hi Dawn, I see you from SoulCollage yahoo group. I checked out your blog and I love it. What caught my eye was the walk is a prayer poem. The reason being.....I just posted a commmentary about our beautiful planet but in the form of an art doll. It's on my blog http://www. if you feel inclined to check it out. I love your artwork!!!! Blessings, LoRi G.