Tuesday, August 23, 2011

infusions and sexy garden stuff

Nourishing herbal infusions.
Today is Infusion Making Day. This morning I'm infusing 3 quarts of nettles and 1 quart of oatstraw. Both are great for what I need ~ feeding and nourishing my body, soothing the nerves. And so easy to make as outlined here. Susun Weed's videos are informative, vibrant and well worth watchin. She's a pip.

And now I leave you with some sexy garden photos Bennie took as I was weeding and then sowing another round of lettuces and chards. Yummy!
A Rose of Sharon with a bee.

Sage, sunflower and lemon balm.

A delicious Black Krim

A flashy zinnia hanging out with the squash.

A brilliant red Sweet Cherry pepper.

The only radishes we got this year.

Obiwan chillin' with the tomatoes.

A beauteous Martha Washington geranium.

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Ruth said...

Ooooo. We have Black Krims this year, too. I don't think I've ever had a more flavorful tomato. Made an amazing tomato & pesto tart with some - flavor EXPLOSION.

Been thinking about you and missing you. Check out my LJ for a real update.

*hugs and more hugs*