Friday, July 08, 2011

squeee, I say

The other day, I received my order of art supplies. They were quietly delivered to my front door and carried in by Tom. Three lovely packages of deliciousness! Several bottles of tempera paints ~ including silver and gold, by golly! A one gallon container of Mod Podge. The cats should be afraid. I may be affixing a great many things to other things with the random use of Mod Podge I've come to love it so much. 250 sheets of 24" x 36", 80lb paper for more Source painting. Also a tin of 48 Prismacolor pencils and more Micron pens (I eat those puppies for breakfast thru journal writing so much).

The Open Hands painting is still lurking about on the easel. I dangerously blew gold powder onto the wet paint. I say 'dangerously' because there are strict instructions not to inhale the stuff. But I don't bungee jump or base jump, so this is my risk factor in the studio. Before I continue with more paint (new and old), I may coat the powdered surface with, you guessed it, Mod Podge! If I'm lucky enough not to go anywhere today I may actually manage that task during daylight hours. Otherwise, I will prop the eyes open ala Clockwork Orange and spend my time at the easel tonight.
And I am on Vigil.
And reasons why Dirk can't get anything done over on his desk . . . a large-jowl-black-furred paperweight that does not move too easily when nudged. The phone is his pillow.

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