Sunday, July 31, 2011

the lazy summer day

Obiwan and Pi lazed along with Bennie and me today. Dirk and Ian were working on the front porch. I'm not showing photos of work. I refuse. Better to focus on the beauty of a lazy day. Bennie and I drank ice water with thyme, lemon balm and bee balm. She read Beedle the Bard while I read Charles de Lint. Bennie would bead an anklet, I finished knitting a Tarot bag for the latest addition, the Gaian Tarot. We dragged out blankets and napped on the shady lawn, then had a long late afternoon swim at the lake before making a Puttenesca with Farfalle for dinner. A strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting is waiting on the counter ~ a perfect end to the perfect lazy day.

Bennie and I also created an altar to Lugh for Lammastide. Corn dolly, cone flowers, a whimsical Ravenclaw pen, colored pencils, paintbrush ~ these were all included with Bennie's SoulCollage® card and a haiku to Lugh . . .

God of many skills
enter the halls of Tara.
Be with us this day!

I appreciate a God of many skills. I can relate to the Jane of All Trades syndrome as there are too many things I enjoy doing and many things I can do though there's little joy in them. So a blessed Lughnasad and a blessing on having a plethora of skills. 

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Ruth said...

Mmmmm. Sounds like utter joy for you and your wonderful daughter.