Friday, July 29, 2011

just stuff

Photos courtesy of Bennie. I've been slowly working this painting. The gold-powdered background has been, you guessed it, coated with Mod Podge to keep the powder in place. So far, I'm pleased with the results. Last night and this morning was spent working black line motifs and swirls on the lower green hand. Getting lost in the painting of swirls and such is relaxing. After awhile, it feels like the painting is painting itself.

In the meantime, Bennie and I have been keeping a careful eye on these Black Krim beauties. We've both been salivating for a decent tomato sandwich since May and it looks like pay day is nearly here. Bring on the basil and mayo!
The lettuce looks quite happy as well. The radishes were a bust. We didn't plant them according to the directions, but the greens are worth a saute or adding to salads. Not pictured are other wonderful plantings ~ zucchini, pumpkins, various herbs. Bennie's only interest was in the tomatoes and lettuce today. Tomorrow it could be lemon balm. All left to her photographic whims!

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