Monday, June 06, 2011

hey! don't bug me!

I'm having an idea. Because I loved how the Mod Podge felt on a finished piece, found here, I decided to try the Mod before starting the painting. What I like most is the feeling of solidity painting the paper with Mod Podge gave to that finished piece. I thought maybe applying the glue would give the painting some texture as well as strength.

I applied the Mod Podge to the upper half of the taped-together paper (24" x36" 80lb press), letting some of that texture spill over the seam. I want to see how the paint reacts on both the Mod Podged surface and the plain ol' paper.

I've been having visions of painting hands in yellows, ocher, reds, browns. Some with hearts in the palms. Others with stars. Yet others empty. Just hands with arms the trail like roads. The painting is likely to change as it comes into form, but that's what I've been envisioning for some time.

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