Thursday, June 16, 2011

divesting the self of unwanted projects

Let's not discuss the project I finally abandoned. It wasn't huge, but it was an impediment to getting anything else done. In fact, I was so eager to toss the unfinished work, the materials went along with it into the dumpster so that I would never entertain the thought of engaging in anything similar again. Fantastically liberating! I've spun up enough S's and Z's to play with Kathryn Alexander's Swoopy Skirt. Well a good start at it at least. It's likely I'll be spinning for this project as I go.
Removing a creative block also had me at the easel starting this painting. The surface of this paper has been partially coated in Mod Podge. An experiment of sorts. So far I'm not seeing anything spectacular going on just yet. In retrospect, I probably could have put more texture into the Mod Podge and then could have played with adding and subtracting the tempera for some interesting results. There is always another time to try that.
And just to show I'm not completely wasting my time, Frida has finally got the company of some Starry Night sort of images 'neath her. After planning the Frida image so meticulously with photos and grid transference sketching, I've decided the rest of these risers need to be free and easy. I was getting awfully cramped up trying to paint on the stairs. It's why it took me so long to get to painting another riser.

That, m'dears, is the Creative Poop after getting rid of some creative poop. Do not toss lightly your creations, but do toss if they are getting in the way of moving on to more fulfilling projects.

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Ashling said...

I love those risers!! We've spen three years staring at our risers seeking inspiration. We won't be painting Starry Night on them, but to see someone successfully jazzing up otherwise rather pedestrian steps definitely gets the creative thoughts flying.