Wednesday, May 18, 2011

my triptych of fear

Triptych in one piece showing all my present fears. Hidden fears, fears of death, depression, growing old, falling/failing, exposing myself as a sham, being judged.
Triptych cut.
I am One Who ignores my fears, even the Big Mouse questioning if I'm a Man or a Mouse. If I close my eyes, like I did when I was little, I won't see my fears. I am in denial pretending it's all business as usual. I am supposed to be a Big Important Fearless Man now.
I am One Who fears depression and being ignored. I feel my internal panic as I fade into the background; sadness unrecognized and unreleased. The woman continues to ignore me as I grapple for some meaning to my existence.
I am One Who fears exposing myself as I am. I am afraid of being judged for how I want to express myself as I age. I am afraid of wrinkles and sags and a creaking voice. I am afraid of falling though I've fallen many times before. I work hard to please the judgmental man watching me, but I spread my wings to fly anyway.


Lin said...

Magnificent set of cards and commentary.

Linda said...


Rosie Kaplan said...

Fabulous. I am inspired.

Cindy Eubanks said...

Wow. Love them. Covers so many fears that I feel myself. Great job. I am new to Soul Collage and love the inspiration.