Tuesday, May 31, 2011

miraculous mod podge

In an effort to use more environmentally sound products in the production of my artwork, I decided to switch over to Mod Podge for gluing and protecting SoulCollage® cards and tempera paintings on paper. Instead of rubber cement, which is handy and quick, but toxic, and spray acrylic or varnish, also toxic, Mod Podge does it all for me, is cheaper and safer.

This White Tara (or Sitatara) SoulCollage® image is the seventh card I've used Mod Podge on. The surface is sturdy, safe and not tacky so cards won't stick together in a pile. I am indeed feeling green and environmentally pleased with myself as well as creative.

Now. Off to the garden . . .

Thursday, May 19, 2011

honoring journals

As I was creating my Triptych of Fears yesterday, I ran into this article in an old Smithsonian magazine. Reading after tearing it out forced me to, once again, perceive my journals in a different light. How can I make my day-to-day sacred with art? What better way than to fill a journal with, not only written insights, but also images that call to me? Photos printed from the DeskJet, stamps, ticket stubs, musings, meanderings, to-do lists, collage . . . All fodder for a day's worth of living. This article about Janice Lowry, assemblage artist, visual journalist has been included in my journal to mark yet another Beginning. That the Smithsonian has included her journals in its collection speaks volumes.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

my triptych of fear

Triptych in one piece showing all my present fears. Hidden fears, fears of death, depression, growing old, falling/failing, exposing myself as a sham, being judged.
Triptych cut.
I am One Who ignores my fears, even the Big Mouse questioning if I'm a Man or a Mouse. If I close my eyes, like I did when I was little, I won't see my fears. I am in denial pretending it's all business as usual. I am supposed to be a Big Important Fearless Man now.
I am One Who fears depression and being ignored. I feel my internal panic as I fade into the background; sadness unrecognized and unreleased. The woman continues to ignore me as I grapple for some meaning to my existence.
I am One Who fears exposing myself as I am. I am afraid of being judged for how I want to express myself as I age. I am afraid of wrinkles and sags and a creaking voice. I am afraid of falling though I've fallen many times before. I work hard to please the judgmental man watching me, but I spread my wings to fly anyway.

Monday, May 09, 2011

a belated Mother's Day

SoulCollage of my mother.
Mother's Day has become for me a loaded gun best left with the safety on and in the desk drawer. Yesterday was my first Mother's Day without my mother. One gets a little lost. How does one honor someone who isn't around anymore? I set this image on my desk altar for the day. My small gesture before going somewhere else to celebrate with the family. It was day to remember there would be no more Martha Washington geranium exchanges or bagels and cream cheese with coffee and the NY Times or shopping together in Connecticut. It was a day I later spent time berating myself for not being a better adult child in taking care of my mother. After the tears, meditation and sleep. All in all, it was a day I got through without much drama. My daughter and I went to the musty bookshop at the bottom of our hill and bought three books for $9.00. I showed Dirk the peony a well-meaning neighbor had given me last year with condolences ~ I thought I'd killed it, but there it is in my yard. Resurrected, lush and strong.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

a SoulCollage® triptych

First, the board is cut 8" x 15" (making three 5"-wide cards
On my way to the lake yesterday, I was marveling at Nature and Her beauty. Despite battling pollen this time of year, I still love to look at the trees and rocks. I mused about how I might go about making a SoulCollage® card depicting the connection with Nature I enjoy. Somehow, one 5" x 8" card didn't seem like enough. Thus the idea of a SoulCollage® Triptych was concocted. Maybe this triptych form could be used in different ways for something that seems too big. A story that has a beginning, middle and end. A life journey of some sort that would benefit from more than one card to depict that journey.
Images cut and laid out in a continuous form.

Using the frame to check placement.

Images in place and cut to size.

Cards cut to size.

Communion with Nature #1

Communion with Nature #2
Communion with Nature #3