Monday, April 04, 2011

what my chakras are housing these days

A few posts ago, here I believe, I mentioned a change in the SoulCollage line-up of my Power Animals as related to the chakras. Pine has moved into the 1st chakra with this image representing that energy. (One part of this image has Mara Friedman's 1st chakra image from Isha Lerner's Triple Goddess Tarot. I don't remember where I got the other digital image from, but know it's not mine ~ only the photo is my original image.)

Horses have always figured heavily in my life. My favorite animal growing up. My grandparents had a horse racing stable and always had horses or were involved in them. I drew them all the time and have a vast collection of Breyer horses. Real horses are a luxury these days ~ Breyer horses are cheaper and easier to maintain. And I'm not horribly ashamed to admit I'd pretend I was a horse plenty enough times to disturb my mother and a succession of Elementary teachers. I've figured Horse to be my 3rd chakra companion as a result ~ the 3rd chakra being related to Personal Power and Horse having, well, horsepower, it seemed a natural choice.

As I've been busy with Everyday Reality, it took me awhile to discern the 2nd chakra creature ~ until this weekend. For three days in a row, from The Druid Animal Oracle, I've drawn one type of dragon or another. In mulling over what on earth (or beyond earth) could be living in my 2nd chakra, visual flashes of the dragon-headed shaman woman I painted 12 years ago would pass by. Suddenly, it made sense. This image is from my very first and most powerful Source painting. Thus, my creativity is managed by Dragon. Funny thing about this realization is how different it feels to have a dragon hanging about in one's energetic make-up.

I feel a little more organized and able to create new SoulCollage images for these energetic spaces/beings. Not only do I feel organized about doing the SoulCollage, but also about taking a more active, fiery, if you will, role in my creativity. I don't have an exact plan yet and that's fine, but I do have some ideas swirling around; which is a fair start. I know it doesn't pay the bills just yet, but one never knows quite where the road leads. May as well enjoy the journey.

Albeit a little late in posting, here is the first Spring Equinox newt unceremoniously removed from under a cozy plank by the lake that day. We put the little fellow back before heading home for dinner.

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psiam said...

Wowza, again.

Do you read the comments to your blog posts? Just wonderin'.

I, of course, recognize your dragonwoman image. Can it really be 12 years? *thud* One of these days I'm going to take a picture of your Dearing Ct. gallery. ;-)

I had no idea you liked Breyer horses. I think you need the ones on this page: