Monday, April 25, 2011

something finished, something not

The studio door that presently leads to a first step drop is usually my finished paintings' temporary stay before being protected with an acrylic medium. Yesterday, I was caught by the luminous qualities of this finished piece as the afternoon light filtered through the brighter parts.
Here the tunnel does indeed look like its got a light at the end of it. Well, that can't be bad then, can it?
The fire flower really pops. The photo isn't helping much, but it was brilliantly lit even though this is a northern french door.

 More shots of the light at the end of the tunnel . . .
It could be a new and different way to show art ~ like x-ray films, lit from behind.
I started this piece as soon as I moved the tunnel/fire flower. The lattice was painted in blues and blacks. The stars were added the next morning along with the orange and magenta squares. Now, it's at a standstill. What do I really want to do with this image? Something isn't moving just yet. Do I want to continue or do I scrap it? Is it worth setting aside and letting it percolate while I do something maybe a little more fun? Small artistic dilemmas.

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